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Below are some of the commonly asked quesitons we encounter.

Which is the best - a front loader or top loading washing machine?
It really comes down to personal choice. Front loading washing machines use less water but their cycle times tend to be much longer. Often they are more complex and therefore, if needed, repairs can be more expensive. Remember you can't add to the load with a front loader -once it has started - that sock you just found on the floor will have to wait until the next load. Top loaders generally use more water and have quicker cycle times . They won't fit under a bench so make sure there is room to lift the lid.
Should I repair or buy a new one?
This depends entirely on the washing machine and the fault. Many things are straight forward and much more cost effective to repair . Some things are not economic to repair. You may be surprised how much life is left in an older machine for the cost of a simple repair. Contact us with the details of the issue and we can give an opinion.
What is the best brand to buy?
Every brand has it's strengths and weaknesses. It is a matter of circumstances and preferences. Some lesser known makes are extremely difficult and expensive to source parts for. For future proofing, stick to well known brands.
Why does my washing machine take a long time go through a load?
Often this is due to the available water pressure but it can also be a faulty water valve.
Why are the clothes coming out dirty?
This can be due to overloading or possibly due to a change in lime content of your water, a change in detergent can make a difference. Overloading can mean not enough water circulates through the clothes and can cause creases and lint lines in clothes when on the spin cycle.
Or there could be a fault with the machine, contact us with the details of the issue and we can give an opinion
Why won't my washing machine empty?
In a lot of situations, the drain pump will be blocked. Anything that is left in a pocket can block a pump. Contact us with the details of the issue and we can give an opinion.